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  1. Trump Fossil Fuel Fights

    A lot has changed since the Keystone XL project was proposed in 2005. Ramped up domestic oil production and new supply routes have lessened the U.S.'s need for the hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil that would have been pumped daily through the now-cancelled pipeline, some industry experts say.


    In announcing Friday's phone call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the White House's intended message was very clear: Traditional allies are back in favour while despots and dictators are on the outs. Reality is a bit more complicated. The scrapping of Keystone XL is an early example of that.

  3. malawi

    As countries such as Canada and the United States continue vaccinating millions of citizens, global health experts warn the pandemic could keep raging if lower-income nations don't get their share of much-needed doses.


    The global release of the James Bond movie No Time to Die was postponed to October from April, its producers said, another setback for movie theatres trying to rebuild a business crushed by the coronavirus pandemic.


    Coronavirus infections may be about to hit a plateau in the United States based on recent seven-day averages, says Dr. Anthony Fauci, though the top U.S. infectious disease expert cautioned that the country was still in a "very serious situation" with the virus.