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  1. A fisherman stands on a dock in Mumbai, India.

    Mumbai's Koli community, which has been fishing in the Arabian Sea for generations, has been struggling to deal with increasingly unfamiliar and volatile waters, with warming temperatures producing more frequent extreme cyclone events, disrupting fish habitats and marine ecosystems along the way. 

  2. A man cooks on the sidewalk.

  3. Profile shot of man in suit speaking at podium

    For anyone with lingering night terrors from the last renegotiation of NAFTA, the notion of reopening the pact might evoke that classic line from a horror sequel: It's baaaaa-aaaack. But this time is different, says the U.S. envoy to Canada. On his second anniversary in Ottawa, David Cohen says he's heartened by the constructive mood.

  4. A person is seen listening while seated with a microphone.

    Liz Magill was one of three presidents of top universities who were criticized after they testified at a congressional hearing about a rise in antisemitism on college campuses following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

  5. A pregnant woman poses with her hand on her stomach.

    The Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocked a pregnant woman from obtaining an emergency abortion on Friday, shortly after the state's attorney general requested the block.